Flying Scooter Sheboygan

Skate Park @ Kiwanis Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, during Brat Days. Now Defunct due to deferred maintenance.

Sheboygan is the Center of My World

View my Flipboard Magazine. Ich bin SheVegas أنا SheVegas 我是SheVegas Soy SheVegas I Am SheVegas Kuv SheVegas أنا ليس مهما، ما أقف لهو! Yo no soy importante, lo que represento es! Kuv tsis tseem ceeb, yog dab tsi kuv sawv rau yog! אני לא חשוב, מה שאני עומד להוא! 我並不重要,我忍受的是! Ich bin nicht wichtig ist,…

Brat Corp

Based on the Apple Corp. concept, Brat Corp. intends to enlighten the community through the creation of an “US” based documentation and creation society focused on the phrase”there’s nothing to do here”.

Armory Letter – SheVegas Edition

I have read the recent news coverage about the future of the Sheboygan Armory and remember attending games of the Sheboygan Redskins while having the privilege of watching our hometown hero, Ken Suesens. During high school I went to North-South basketball games. Additionally, I was a guest at some of the Hmong New Year celebrations…