Sheboygan is the Center of My World

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Ich bin SheVegas

أنا SheVegas


Soy SheVegas

I Am SheVegas

Kuv SheVegas

أنا ليس مهما، ما أقف لهو!

Yo no soy importante, lo que represento es!

Kuv tsis tseem ceeb, yog dab tsi kuv sawv rau yog!

אני לא חשוב, מה שאני עומד להוא!


Ich bin nicht wichtig ist, wofür ich stehe ist!
I am not important, what I stand for is!
My world revolves around 53081, Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. I live here, learn here, play here, no apologies, some regrets.
I believe that information should be free, knowledge is power, and anybody can be anything. Education is important, school is not, working hard is everything, working long is not. Computer Science is quite simple and very easy to understand if presented properly. Grades are less than meaningless, outcomes are what matters. Talent is the public face of hard work, nothing more.
One more thing, you deserve better, yet, can’t help with that, it’s up to You!

By shevegas

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