Never My Love

Bruno will never “sell out”

Says he to me, but he does all the fuck time, he shuts the mouth, does the job, makes the buck. Tells the boy to go to school, spreads grass seed were moss wants to be.

I should stop here I like it, Ronnie Van Zandt is loving Alabama,

My world cycles @ 3spf

Parade Kiel Boy Flag Church Trees

Water Uganda Road People Construction China Bike Accident God Soccer Bowling Roger Waters What God Wants iPhone 6Plus Bike Accident Dirt Chickens Pride

Suschas abstract

My internal memory doesn’t work hard, I see her face everywhere I go, it’s the sweet music on my modern radio, that is strangely pure radio, and (m lost, baby I’m lost.

A bunch of bump bump bumps, this song is awesome, but zero memories, until now.

Who is that, who is that?

Mayor and Chad on the new bikes, volleyball and coal burning luxury resort.

Sargento cheese, my sister in motion, Unity Church, Elkhart Concourse, Bob!

Competition with other places..

Designing my Bodega, the one I want somebody else to sit in.

The one where you can get a t-shirt printed in 2 minutes or less or your next one will take a bit longer, so go fuck with the cool shit we have and buy one of our fine stickers, postcards, posters, or perhaps you need that wrapped in sexy vinyl?

Decisions decisions, DTG it shall be, yet, creep printing is just pure messy fun for the ages and will have its place.

A Roland Dental Mill?

48″ or 60″ roll widths, probably 60 right?

Vinyl print and cut, Roland, Epson, fun choices.

Fabric is super cool and awesome to custom print, rolls of whatever.

Transparencies, 100 foot long backlit images that I can carry on my bike and rollout on location.

Can I get this in a Sprinter?

Dual Drone firing electric cargo bike with full ground assimilation technologies (VR Capture)

Mountains crumble to the sea…

Eurasia gets most of my desired gear this week, USA will not have rollouts of same until 2020, compromise, or vacation purchasing?

Free falling, I’m a free falling, begets, it don’t come easy.

Work tomorrow, Ringo, you the best Beatle Ringo, put down the proverbial crack-pipe and launch some balls.

Can You Kickstart Stupid?

I love being alive, just not having to tie my shoes.

By shevegas

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