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“Now YOU know what side they (your friends) are on”

Black Lives Matter is a polarizing, with Us or against Us phrase for the ages. “All Lives Matter” is a common and valid response, they do matter, our job is to ensure they matter equally. “Black Lives Matter Just as much as All Lives, in fact, they need to matter in order for all lives to matter, and as much as we Love You, this is about waking up and being Black in the World Today and just like I don’t now what its like to be You, You don’t know the little things that make being me different, SIMPLY DUE TO THE COLOR OF MY SKIN”. Is a bit much for a bumper sticker, slogan or catch phrase, so please, accept “Black Lives Matter”.

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We call for a national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive.

Black Lives Matter offer this:

Fundamental reforms would begin with ending the “qualified immunity” of police, curbing the militarization of police forces, transferring funds and functions to social agencies, imposing residency requirements and finally making lynching a hate crime. Jesse L Jackson – P.U.S.H./Rainbow Coalition

Rainbow Coalition – 17th Century German Peasants United under 🌈 flags. Jesse Jackson used the Rainbow to fight the same fight under the guidance of Martin Luther King. Before the rainbow became so recognized with the LGBT movement that it became impossible to use for other causes.
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When the most beautiful girl in the world, inside & out, thanked me for helping in a cause close to her heart, I felt marginalized like Peter Norman. “Don’t thank me, I’m having fun” was a dumb thing to say at best, yet it hurt me. It’s my fight too, every time something gets better in the World I win, We win. Words are important, I’m sure mine hurt even more, or simply sounded like I didn’t take this seriously and was doing it just for me, I DO. I smile in battle, enjoy helping always. Pretty sure she just wanted to get back to what’s up, and get me moving down the road, and Thank You is one of the nicest things she could have said, even if that’s not the case.

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1968 Olympics – Peter Norman – Tommy Smith – John Carlos

But then Norman did something else. “I believe in what you believe. Do you have another one of those for me”? he asked, pointing to the Olympic Project for Human Rights badge on the others’ chests. “That way I can show my support for your cause.” Smith admitted to being astonished, ruminating: “Who is this white Australian guy? He won his silver medal, can’t he just take it and that be enough!”.

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