SheVegas Is

SheVegas is a philosophy, wrapped in a lifestyle, practiced by an individual.

Solid information, good intentions, and hope for the future are the foundations of SheVegas.

Some may interpret SheVegas to be negative, I contend SheVegas is relative.

Example: SheVegas trys it’s best to provide accurate and unfiltered information regarding possible elimination of jobs in the Sheboygan County area. Some contend that this is disrespectful to those that may be affected. We contend that this information is helpful to those that may lose their jobs, as well as others in the community.

We have seen communities devastated by the loss of pensions as well as jobs because the city government and local news outlets suppressed information that was in their possession. Information that would have certainly saved the pensions, if not the jobs, if the information was available to the public.

Information is power and the common man is usually the last to know.

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